Bode Customers2
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1. Customized design and manufacture 

Bode is working with distributors carrying brand names in America and Japan by providing customized design and manufacturing services. MOQ is negotiable, and the sales territory is protected based on the agreement.

● Project example: Design Steel make front bumper for Jeep JK 


● Project example: Designing Chromed ABS grille for 2018 Dodge RAM 


2. Independent hardware stores

Bode is also working with Independent hardware stores across America. When receiving a purchase order consisting of various product items from a store, Bode consolidates the demand into a 20ft container. The 20ft container is directly shipped to the hardware store from Bode's fulfillment warehouse in Taiwan. For each item, MOQ (minimum order quantity) is negotiable.

Bode's exciting automotive-related products complete hardware stores' existing product lines. By shortening the international supply chain, LOW price guarantee !!


(Bode's products at hardware store in Missouri)